Twilight Magic

When we look at ourselves We see ourselves through eyes Which have been schooled To see comely only the opaque, Comely to us skin that is fair, Comely to us eyes that are light, Comely to us hair that is straight, Comely to us lips that are thin, Our gods and goddesses Glow in opalescent […]

Moment of Kinship

Previous Next When you love and hold me without any fear Happiness spreads throughout the atmosphere. You look to me with grace and confidence, And we talk about all positive things without any rants. In your company, the good times move very fast. I promise I’ll look after you till I breathe my last. Shshir […]

Stone Lion In Winter

The lion was lonely; Said he, “There is only One way of driving this gloom from me: I must enter into society!” So he asked the beasts in a manner quite hearty, To come to his cave for a little party. On the appointed day, In a frightened way, A parrot flew over his head […]