Recap for Session 2021/02/14

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar Farewell to Hyele Rather than be captured, Sousa (now under the Geryon-Boar’s influence) triggers a magical explosion, destroying her cottage. She vanishes from Hyele. With little else to do, the Heroes of Kalogeros return to the centaur tribe who welcome the orphaned village children. The True Lair of the Geryon-Boar […]

Recap for Session 2021/01/31

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar The Assault on Hyele Betrayed by the villagers, the Heroes of Kalogeros return to Hyele. Their goal is to liberate the children and help them escape from the adult wereboars. During the long battle, the Heroes kill a number of the Geryon-Boar’s followers. Eizo the owner of The Traveling Man […]

Recap for Session 2021/01/18 (Part One)

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar Nikoleta and the Heroes strategize on how to defeat the Geryon-Boar Journey to Hyele With the chimera defeated, the Erymanthean centaurs are able to track the Geryon-Boar. Nikoleta the centaur shaman reports that the beast’s trail heads straight towards Hyele, the village on the opposite side of the mountain. The […]

Recap for Session 2021/01/18 (Part Two)

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar A yawning chasm marks the lair of the Geryon-Boar The Lair of the Geryon-Boar (Alleged) Led by Mateo and his son, Adrian, the Heroes journey through the wilderness to the cave of the Geryon-Boar. A deep chasm marks the entryway, and the Heroes rappel to the bottom using the ropes […]

Recap for Session 2021/01/01 (Part One)

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar Return to Kalogeros The journey home for the Heroes of Kalogeros was largely uneventful. Upon arrival, they spoke to Olfaron the merchant regarding the displacer beast pelts they had. According to Olfaron, the Heroes had enough material to craft one Cloak of Protection. If they wanted a Cloak of Displacement […]

Recap for Session 2021/01/01 (Part Two)

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar Thales leads the Heroes to the land of the centaurs The Centaurs of Mt. Erymanthus The tribal lands of the centaurs lay atop a plateau in the mountains far south of Kalogeros. Led by Thales, Chiron’s daughter, the Heroes make the journey without incident. However instead of the welcome given […]