Stories That Inspire a Child

If there’s one aspect of the pandemic lock down that I’m grateful for, it’s the added time to take up procrastinated house chores. One of these was to put away the childhood books we had accumulated over the years. Judging by their well worn covers, there’s no shortage of love poured over toddler books such […]

Luminescent Dancer

In the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Nyota Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols,  performed a fan dance while singing “The Moon’s a Window to Heaven” to distract an enemy patrol. That scene in the film inspired me to come up with “Luminescent Dancer” rendered in Daz Studio. Notable elements used in this scene: […]

Arrival and Judgement

“You will desist!” The words fell like thunderbolt from the messenger’s lips and echoed off the corbeled alcove. They crackled with coldness and finality only the gods on high could muster.  The sorceress heard the mockery in them. Her fury mounted. At the back of her mind, she reached for power to hammer the winged […]

Flight From the Fallen City

This is my interpretation of Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius escaping from a burning Troy. Aeneas, prince of the doomed city, leads his son Ascanius, with the elderly Anchises on his shoulders. Sources vary on whether Anchises carries idols of the household gods or their ancestor’s ashes in an urn. After the Greeks destroy Troy, the […]

Raffish and Elegant

Notable elements used in this scene: Sienna HD for Genesis 8 Female Tennessee for Genesis 8 Male Volta Hair and Beard for Genesis 8 dForce Jasper Black for Genesis 8 Male(s) HD Violin and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 dForce Queen Regent Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) 101 Series: Pure Grace Poses for Genesis […]

Nighttime Stories

In the wee hours of the morning, a man reads aloud to his family. He is taken by surprise when the tale suddenly assumes a life of its own. Notable elements used in this scene: Kichiro HD for Lee8 Variety Facial Hair for Genesis 8 Male Fantasy Alcove Window Aging Morphs for Genesis 8 Male […]

The Life That Lies Ahead

A man goes through stages in his life, each one filled with its own pursuits. As depicted in this tableau, there is: the endless play of childhood; the quest for one’s mate; the endeavor to cultivate one’s identity and interests; and the joys and burdens of parenthood. By middle age, most men have gone past […]

Royal Succession

With his last breath a king passes the crown to his heir … By most accounts, to die in one’s bed surrounded by loved ones caps a life well lived. But a man’s life isn’t only about his accomplishments; it also includes the well-being of his heirs. As with the dying ruler depicted in this […]

The Messenger Arrives

The Messenger Arrives

Inside the crepuscular Tomb of the Eternal Flame, three supplicants await the word from the gods of high above. Once the celestial messenger arrives, they learn the truth to the old saying that “Joy is in the ears that hear, not in the mouth that speaks.” Boon or bane? Notable elements used in this scene: […]

The Presentation

This is another personal project, an attempt at fantasy-themed presentation. I imagine this image is part of a book cover or a marquee poster. The lead character, a man who possesses extra ordinary powers, is at a crossroads between light and dark, goodness and evil. The wonder in the story lies not just in his […]