The Koi Pond

Silhouettes of a greenhouse roof play across the rippling surface of a pond. This was one of the two pools at the Franklin Park Conservatory where fish swam. The saying “Water is the Essence of Life” is often repeated so much so that it now borders on the trite. But in this scene it takes […]

New Albany Parade

The 4th of July is coming up very soon and once more I’m filled with anticipation for my home town’s Independence Day parade. You see, we had overcast skies and a steady drizzle last year — a real downer! For me nothing ushers in the magic of summer, with it’s balmy days and mellow twilight, […]

A Crayfish Emerges

This closeup photo was taken in the summer 2014, after my son joined the boy scouts. On a father-son exploration of the many streams of Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus OH, my boy was drawn to the crayfish that darted across the muddy shallows. Grabbing my Nikon D7100, he waited for one to crawl over […]

The Umbrella Girl

There is a beautiful, patina-embraced statue in German Village of Columbus, Ohio known as the Umbrella Girl. It is located in the south west corner of the city’s historic Schiller Park where a low, encircling hedge and a thicket of trees keep the statue in a shaded nook.   By all appearances, the Umbrella Girl […]