The Cycle of Cerberus

Adventure Journal

The Cycle of Cerberus is a D&D 5E campaign adapted from a published adventure of the same name. We run the game on FoundryVTT.

Recap for Session 2021/02/14

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar

Farewell to Hyele

Rather than be captured, Sousa (now under the Geryon-Boar’s influence) triggers a magical explosion, destroying her cottage. She vanishes from Hyele. With little else to do, the Heroes of Kalogeros return to the centaur tribe who welcome the orphaned village children.

The True Lair of the Geryon-Boar

An urgent search for the true lair of the Geryon-Boar begins. Once more Seh warns that the evil spirit of Geryon has found the tomb of Cymone, high priest of the ancient Titans, and now possesses the powerful artifact she protected. The Olympian gods, through an augury, confirms this. But where is Cymone’s tomb?

Grobius enlists the aid of the wilderness animals. Luckily, the creatures locate a hillside cave where fugitive wereboars from Hyele took refuge. The Heroes of Kalogeros investigate the cave and confirm that it is indeed the entryway to Cymone’s crypt.

Spiro and Mateo's Last Stand

Cymone’s Tomb

A bitter fight ensues. The Heroes slay Sousa, Spiro and Mateo, the fugitive leaders of Hyele, along with their wereboar followers. Disabling a magical trap, they enter the final resting place of Cymone.

Sousa's Last Stand

Extra Notes

Blocking the bottom of the stairs is Sousa, the wise woman of Hyele, oddly in human form. Light from the chamber behind silhouettes her frail figure.

“Away! Away! Be off with you,” she shouts, her bony arms raised high. Her shrieks ricochet off the ancient walls until a coughing fit overcomes her. The old woman crumples to the ground. Weakly she moans into her arms, “Please … I can’t fight it anymore.”

A teary-eyed Sousa meets your gaze. It becomes clear now that the wise woman is struggling, fighting off whatever hold the Geryon-Boar has over her.

“The children. Oh, pity the children. Curse my weakness.” She begs you to understand. “We tried to resist him — fight him — but he overpowered us.”

From her shawl she draws out a crooked cane. The gnarled staff glows with arcane runes. Suddenly she jerks sideways, her body contorted and her face twisted in rage.

Then her voice takes on a menacing tone, a ragged edge, “Run, fools! Ahh … no. He commands me to slay you!”

Before your eyes, Sousa transforms into a raging wereboar.