The Cycle of Cerberus

Adventure Journal

The Cycle of Cerberus is a D&D 5E campaign adapted from a published adventure of the same name. We run the game on FoundryVTT.

Recap for Session 2021/01/31

Chapter 04: The Erymanthean Boar

The Assault on Hyele

Betrayed by the villagers, the Heroes of Kalogeros return to Hyele. Their goal is to liberate the children and help them escape from the adult wereboars.

During the long battle, the Heroes kill a number of the Geryon-Boar’s followers. Eizo the owner of The Traveling Man Inn, Adrian the merchant are among the fatalities. Sousa the village healer fell to a suggestion spell, locking herself away in her hut. Apart from other wereboars slain, the village also suffered extensive damage from a well-place fireball spell.

The Heroes surround the village hall where the children are imprisoned


Basil the tiefling bard, far from being a simple traveling minstrel, is in fact part of a criminal gang. Based in the distant town of Arkenos, the gang has been paying the Geryon-Boar for children whom they then sell off to third parties. For his part, Basil handles the money exchange and accompanies the kidnapped children to Arkenos.

After they freed Seh, she relates a legend long held among the faun. Long ago a cult worshiping the ancient Titans was based in Mt. Erymanthus. Following the overthrow of the Titans by the Olympian gods, the cult went into decline. In their last act, the cult constructed a tomb for Cymone, their high priestess, where she lay guarding an artifact of great power. It’s Seh and her fellow faun’s belief that the Geryon-Boar found Cymone’s crypt and now possesses the Titan artifact.

The Heroes free Seh who reveals key information about the Geryon-Boar's power

Loose Ends

Thus far there has been no sight of Spiro the village priest or of Mateo the alderman of Hyele. With Seh freed and the children safe, all that remains for the Heroes is to deal with Sousa.


Extra Notes

A rustic village at the foot of Mt. Erymanthus, Hyele boasts a little over a hundred inhabitants. Around a quarter of these are children who, somehow, are immune to the lycanthropy that has affected the adults. As the Heroes of Kalogeros discover, all the wereboars are under the control of the Geryon-Boar.

The last priestess, Cymone, was said to possess a vestige of the Titan’s powers — a mysterious artifact, perhaps an eldritch gemstone, or a powerful tome, or some form of arcane weapon. Before she died, Cymone built a crypt for herself to guard the artifact. The last of her followers sealed the tomb and ensured that it was all but forgotten.