Arrival and Judgement

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“You will desist!”

The words fell like thunderbolt from the messenger’s lips and echoed off the corbeled alcove. They crackled with coldness and finality only the gods on high could muster. 

The sorceress heard the mockery in them. Her fury mounted. At the back of her mind, she reached for power to hammer the winged messenger to dust.

“And if I don’t?”

The divine avatar was dumbstruck. Doubt flashed across his eyes, she noted with grim satisfaction.

“Then heaven will unleash its full fury against you.”

The sorceress felt the caress of power lap upon her back.  The necrotic staff — her prize taken from the Underworld, it was the bone of contention between herself and the gods. Deep down inside, she knew things would come to a head.

She spoke plainly and pointedly, “So be it!”

Notable elements used in this scene:


Rendered with custom props and lighting in Daz Studio. Post-process editing with Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks for your interest. Cheers!